The CHEER SYSTEM ready-made insulator sheets consisted of 2-sided outer surfaces which are made of galvanized steel coated with silicone modified polyester paint, a type of paint with excellent durability in various environments. It is coated and colored with high temperature, so the paint is consistently adhered to the galvanized steel and scratch resistant. The core of insulator is non-CFC polyurethane foam with density of 2.50 pound / lbf.

The steel and the polyurethane are attached by the “FOAMED-IN-PLACE” process, using the machine to inject polyurethane in between two steel sheets coated with zinc and color (Colorbond) in a mold under high pressure. The outer surfaces can be made into waves in order to enhance the strength of the insulator sheet’s structure.


Thickness and Operating Temperature
Recommended thickness of Cheer System ready-made insulator when used at specific operating temperature is as per Table 1

 Thickness mm 60 90 100 130 150
 Heat Transfer efficient K/cal 0.33 0.22 0.20 0.15 0.12
 Suggested operating temp T 0C 0 -30 -30 -40 -45
 Limit of use T 0C -18 -35 -38 -50 -60

4” 0” (1,219.20 mm.)

Up to 6800 mm.

Properties of the Steel Sheet Outer Surface
The steel sheet outer surfaces that we use is the product of “LYSAGHT”, ORCDQ grade 224 BC Colorbond or the equivalent

Properties of Steel Sheet
See table 2

Detail Size (UK) Size (Metric)
 Thickness 0.0248 inches 0.60 mm.
 Weight 1.01 pound/ sq. m. 4.93 kg. / sq. m. / sheet
 Elastic Modulus 3 10-7 pound/ sq. inch 211 x 10-4 kg. / sq. cm.
 buckling stress 9,000 pound/ sq. inch 633 kg. / sq. cm.
 Tensile stress 2400 pound/ sq. inch 1687 kg. / sq. cm.
 Expansion coefficient 64 10-7 pound/ sq. f. 11.5 x 10-6 cm. /cm.
 Thickness of galvanized steel 1.25 ounce/ sq. m. 300 grams/ sq. m.


The outer surfaces are coated with 25 microns silicone modified polyester paint. The paint can be identified as 5 microns of primer and 20 microns of topcoat. The inner surface is coated with 5 microns primer and 8 microns topcoat.

The standard color of the outer surface is white.
The standard color of the inner surface is grey.

Manufacturing Standard
    - BSS 1449 - PARTIB - 1962 GRADE CR3 - CR4
    - JIS G3312 - 1987 C GCC - 20 ZINC COATING Z27

 Thermal conductivity  K/cal 0.020
 Average density Kg/m3 38-40
 Resistence to compression Kg/m2 1.6
 Higher operating temp. above 0 0C 0C 60
 Lower operating tem. Above 0 0C 0C -120
 Fire resistence as per ASTM 1692

Thermal Conductivity
- Polyurethane Foam thermal conductivity Maximum 0.020 – 0.018 Kcal / m 0hc

Flame Retardant
Polyurethane is a flame retardant NON-CFC