Cheer System International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

        was established in 1994. Our business has been run by team of experts in designing and installing readymade insulator sheets for every type of temperature controlled rooms. Moreover, since our products are consatntly developed by the engineer specialists, Cheer System Company has became a technology leader in manufacturing, designing, and installing ready-made insulator sheets, the equipment for installing temperature controlled rooms, such as cold room, clean room, freezer room, etc. Cheer System Company uses modern and constantly developed machinery in manufacturing. As a result, our products are high quality and generally accepted.

"constantly develop our products for highest customer satisfaction"


        “Making an effort” to create high standard products is our working pupose. Cheer System Company meticulously runs the business, starting from implementing an effective plan and management to create the qualified products. Apart from the expertise in products design and installation, we are proficient in after-sale service. Our duty begins with designing products till providing spare parts.Our primary intention is “constantly develop our products for highest customer satisfaction.”

“ constantly develop our products for highest customer“